Welcome to the AnHui ZhongXin S&T CO.,LTD    [Xingyu Casting]
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Address:Auto Parts Industrial Park, Jinji Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province


Serving our customers is the only reason company exists; customer demand is the fundamental driving force of company’s development. We measure our work against how much value we bring to our customers by providing premium products and effective services. 


Company is always trying to identify itself with a customer’s needs and requirements when dealing with orders. Putting itself in the customer’s shoes may help to nip the problems in the bud.  

Second、Integrity & Scrupulousness 

Company adheres to the customer as the centre and give prominence to details when interacting with customers. 


We win customers’ respect and trust primarily through dedicated attitude towards work. This can be reflected in every effort we make to deal with customer’s requests and complaints. 

Any act of neglect in services may have perpetual effects. It may cause great inconvenience to the customer and damage the company’s image. Hence, company resolves to provide best services to customers and pursue customer’s satisfaction in every transaction. 

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