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Type and application of precision forging forming technology

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Precision forging forming technology, also known as near net forming technology, refers to parts forming, only need a small amount of processing or no longer processing, it can be used as a mechanical component of forming technology. In production practice, people habit will precision forging forming technology is divided into: cold precision forging, hot precision forging, warm precision forging, compound forming, occlusion forging, isothermal forging, divided flow forging.

1, cold precision forging, the metal material is not heated directly by forging, including cold extrusion and cold extrusion. Cold precision forging technology is suitable for multi variety and small batch production, mainly used for manufacturing of various parts of automobiles, motorcycles and some tooth shaped parts.

2, hot forging, mainly refers to the recrystallization temperature on precision forging forming process. Hot forging forming process of most of the closed die forging, the higher requirement to the accuracy of the mould and the device, the forging billet volume must be strictly controlled, or internal mould is easy to produce greater pressure, therefore, in the design of closed die forging mold, usually by shunt step-down principle to solve this problem. At present, most of the straight bevel gears used in our country are used in the production of Fang Fasheng.

3, warm precision forging, the recrystallization temperature below precision forging a proper temperature forming process. However, the forging temperature of warm forging is divided into narrow and high requirement for mould material mechanics and mould itself. It is usually required to adopt high precision forging equipment. Warm forging process is generally more suitable for mass production, forging medium material yield strength.

4, compound forming is mainly cold, warm, hot forging process and other combination, complement each other, to achieve the desired effect. Composite forming is a standard method for forging various kinds of high strength parts such as gears, pipe joints and so on.

5, closed die forging is in a closed die by one or two punch unidirectional or bidirectional complex dynamic extrusion metal a forming, can be obtained without flash precision forging forming process. Mainly used in the production of bevel gear, car constant speed universal joint, pipe joints, cross shaft, bevel gear and other products.

6, isothermal forging refers to the billet in the constant temperature of the die forging. Metal materials and parts, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, thin web, and high reinforcement, are used for deformation temperature sensitive and difficult to form.

7, the flow of the forging is in the blank or the forming part of the mold to establish a material of the shunt cavity or shunt channel, in order to ensure the material filling effect. The cold forging forming process of Yu Zheng and helical gears is mainly applied to the split of the split forging.

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