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Gear accuracy of which several levels?

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Gear accuracy of which several levels:

1, gear accuracy is mainly controlled by the gear in the transmission of the accuracy of transmission, such as: the stability of the transmission, the instantaneous speed of the volatility, if there is an alternative to reverse operation, the teeth of the side gap is minimum, if the impact load, it should be slightly improved, from the impact of the impact load to reduce the damage.

2, if the above design requirements are relatively high, then the accuracy of the gear is set to be slightly higher, and vice versa can be set at the end of the

3, however, the accuracy of the gear is too high, will increase the processing costs, the need to balance

4, the above parameters are generally more commonly used in the gear, its accuracy can be set as: 7FL, or 7-6-6GM accuracy of the interpretation of the:

The accuracy of the three tolerance groups of the 7FL is the same as the 7 grade, the tooth thickness deviation is F, and the tooth thickness is L.

7-6-6GM: the first set of gear tolerance with accuracy is 7, the second sets of gear tolerance with accuracy of 6, third sets of gear tolerance with accuracy of 6, the tooth thickness of the upper deviation is G, the tooth thickness of the lower deviation is M

5, the accuracy of the gear is not what the formula, because no need to calculate, is a manual to check.

6, the accuracy of the determination of the results of the comprehensive analysis of engineers, transmission requirements of precision, or high load, alternating load...... Will be higher accuracy level

7, the accuracy of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, the higher the accuracy of the numerical

8, (tooth thickness) deviation level is also the designer of the specific conditions given by the level of precision transmission to a little higher, general mechanical to a little lower, close to the high point, open drive to lower.

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